Professional Standards for Teachers

The National Institute is committed to teacher quality and supporting Christian educators to meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. 

All professional development seeks to address these standards where appropriate.


Accredited professional development hours

The National Institute for Christian Education is a registered provider of accredited professional development in NSW and ACT through NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) and Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) respectively. Currently, no other state or territory mandates that an amount of professional development hours be with an accredited provider.

All hours of study with Institute postgraduate courses may be used to meet appropriate standards in all states and and as accredited hours in NSW and ACT.


Professional development options

The National Institute offers the following specialist professional development workshops (6 hours):

Teaching Mathematics
Teaching Science
Teaching English
Teaching History
Inclusive Education
Technology and Effective Pedagogy
New Teacher Induction
Teach with your Strengths
Thinking about Bullying for Better Outcomes
Classroom Management
Effective and Reflective Classroom Practice


The National Institute offers the following specialist professional development workshops (6 hours):

Certificate of Christian Education
Fundamentals of Christian Education

Certificate of Christian Education (Design)
Responding to the Austrlian Curriculum and designing curriculum form a biblical perspective

Certificate of Christian Education (Deliver)
Exploration of pedegogy and delivery of learning from a Christian framework

Certificate of Christian Education (God's Story)
Increasing biblical literacy as the big picture narrative of the Bible is celebrated



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