Vision and Mission

The National Institute for Christian Education is passionate about Christian education. It recognises that a majority of Christian educators in Australia are trained in undergraduate teacher training institutions that have an alternate worldview towards life, purpose, success, the nature of a child, the nature of the teacher, and the nature of schooling. The National Institute believes it has an important role in providing ongoing professional development and postgraduate study in the distinctives of Christian education to all teachers in Christian schools and other contexts.


The Vision

To provide Christian teacher education and educational support for school communities with a particular focus on Christian Education National associations.


Our Mission

In pursuing our vision, the Institute has four mission goals which provide the framework for guiding development. They are:

  •     Providing Christian teacher education
  •     Facilitating school and curriculum development
  •     Articulating and nurturing a biblical worldview
  •     Encouraging critical and biblical thought in the area of education



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