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The National Institute for Christian Education has a range of professional learning activities from 1 day professional development to postgraduate degrees. Whether you are looking for training for yourself, or for your staff, the National Institute can help. Our vision is to equip schools and individuals to think biblically and critically about the educational process. All training seeks to explore implications and application of theory to educational practice.



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I'm Ingrid, the Registrar, and I am here to help you with every step. We now have an online enrolment portal for both new and existing students.

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Transformation by Design

A curriculum resource for Christian schools

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A resource for helping raise biblical literacy for Christian schools 

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What Students Say

  • I found study with the Institute extremely valuable and effective in prompting changes, reflections and constructive self assessment in my teaching practices within the context of the Gospel.
  • This was an excellent course. I wish I had done it much earlier on as it lays down the foundation for understanding the history and purpose of Christian education. I would recommend it.
  • It never fails to amaze me how, as I study each Institute course, I come to certain realisations about areas of my teaching that I need to modify/change. Areas that I have been 'blind' to are highlighted through the study material and I have an opportunity to make adjustments that potentially could result in improved ways of teaching for me, and improved ways of learning for my students as I consider their learning needs to a far greater extent.